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Video Remover AI

The Easiest Way to Remove Videos From Your Website!

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Remove up to 100 videos at a time!!

That’s 100 Youtube videos removed in less than a minute!

Join 1,000+ others in Automating Their Videos!!

“Literally hours of embedding after creating my A.I. website!”

Mel B.

” So So Easy!! A real lifesaver. I hated searching for relevant Youtube videos. This helps tremendously!!”

Becky A.

“So easy to use! Just one click and 100 videos are imbedded!”

Jeremy G.

“Perfect for all my AI websites. Definitely helped with SEO on my posts.”

Gary S.

“All the videos are relevant to my post titles. Saved me sooo much time and money I would have spent on a VA.”

Chance R.

Quick and Easy Steps to Install

Step 1.

Download the zip file found here.

Step 2.

Head to Plugins on your WordPress Dashboard and click “Add New’ at the top of the page. 

Step 3.

Upload the zip file.

Step 4.

After installing, click “Activate Plugin.”

Step 5.

Head over to “Settings” and look for “Youtube Video Remover”

Once there, you can see how many posts have videos and remove embeded videos with one click!

Step 6.

Once videos are removed you will get a link of the post that had its video removed!!